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Small giveaway thing!

I recently hit 300 followers so I figured a small appreciative giveaway was in order!

The winner will receive:

  • One Sibhl necklace (made by me!)
  • One moss and lavender bottle (made by me!)
  • One salt stone candle holder
  • Eight skull shaped lavender and patchouli hand soaps (made by me!)
  • Two used books (pagan/witch related)
  • One small dreamcatcher ornament (made by me!)
  • One knicknack based on your blog (possibly made by me~)


  1. You must be following me, duh!
  2. Unfortunately this giveaway will be USA only :(
  3. Reblog as much as you’d like! 
  4. Obviously no giveaway blogs please
  5. Have fun!

The winner will be picked on December 15!
So soon!

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A comic about why witches are stereotyped as riding broom: 

Apparently once upon a time there was an ointment one could rub on a broom - that was most popular amongst herbalists (such as many witches) - that was a hallucinogenic. One would ride the broom for masturbating purposes and the ointment would be absorbed through the mucus membrane of the vagina and give the rider a sensation of flying.

Now you will never look at Quidditch the same way again. 

How about that.

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